AMADA杂志的《For Your Success》

No.10 / Published October, 2022

Karakuri Ningyo

The Roots of Japan's Renowned Manufacturing Industry

FEATURE : “Monozukuri” Automated Equipment
Passing on the spirit of enterprising

Smart Factories Specialized for High-mix, Low-volume Production
OKI TOMIOKA Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

CASE STUDY : Smart Manufacturing
From Space Creation to Value Creation

KONGO Co., Ltd.

The Welding Bead is Part of the Design

Shinba Iron Works Corporation

Taking on the Challenge of Contributing to SDGs

Tanabe Co., Ltd.

Automation for Continuous Improvement

EVS Metal, Inc.

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No.10 / Published October, 2022

Karakuri Ningyo

The Roots of Japan's Renowned Manufacturing Industry

No.9 / Published October, 2021

Takaoka Douki (the Takaoka Copperware)

The Sound of the Temple Bell Brings Peace to the Japanese Heart

No.8 / Published May, 2020

Sabae Megane

Sabae, A Major Global Eyeglass Frame Production Site that Produces 20% of the World’s Frames

No.7 / Published November, 2019

Nanbu Tekki

Traditional craftwork developed over a history of 400 years - Crossing the seas and gaining attention around the world

No.6 / Published June, 2019

Satsuma Kiriko

Achievements of the Shuseikan Project and Japan’s Industrial Revolution

No.5 / Published October, 2018


Tea bowls - Creating Mino-yaki tea utensils from the Azuchi-Momoyama Period, the golden age in the history of Japanese ceramics

No.4 / Published May, 2018

Echizen Uchihamono

Forging and hand finishing - techniques used to make 1.4 meter long maguro knives, and a variety of Japanese and western style knives

No.3 / Published November, 2017

Kyoto - Tankin

Tankin - Traditional technique going back to 4000 B.C. Refined tool manufacturing passed down in Kyoto, the 1200 year old historical capital of Japan

No.2 / Published June, 2017

Ise Jingu

where the culture and tradition of Japanese craftsmanship is alive

No.1 / Published October, 2016


World heritage site — Sacred place and source of artistic inspiration



Japanese high speed railway system