Major business companies of AMADA Group


AMADA CO., LTD. mainly focuses on the sheet metal fabrication machine business and offers a wide range of products specializing in cutting, bending and joining, such as laser machines and punch/laser combination machines.

Sheet metal fabrication
  • ・Laser machines
  • ・Punch/laser combination machines
  • ・Turret punch presses
  • ・Press brakes
  • ・Welding
  • ・Software
  • ・Shearing machines
  • ・Tapping machine
  • ・Iron Worker

Micro welding
  • ・Laser welders
  • ・Laser markers
  • ・Resistance welders
  • ・Systems

AMADA MACHINERY CO., LTD. provides a full line of products specializing in cutting and machining metal blocks and forming metal sheets and including metal cutting machines, grinding machines.
It also provides general fabrication machines and distribution products.

Metal cutting
  • ・Band saw machines
  • ・Structural steel fabrication machines
Grinding business
  • ・Multiprocess center
  • ・Grinding machines
NCC business
  • ・Distribution products (NCC brands)

AMADA PRESS SYSTEM CO., LTD. provides products in stampingpresses and stamping press equipments, spring machines.

Stamping press business
  • ・Stamping presses
Press room automation business
  • ・Stamping press equipments
  • ・Leveling casters & Pads
Spring machinery business
  • ・Spring machines

Stamping press Specific Self Inspections

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