Message from the President

To Change, Not to be Changed, To Continue to Challenge

As of April 1, 2020, We, the AMADA Group, started with a new structure.
We, the AMADA Group will continue to challenge to become a faster, stronger, and more professionalized enterprise that contributes to society and customers through manufacturing. 

AMADA, the core of the AMADA Group, is responsible for the group’s overall strategy through integrated manufacturing that ranges from development and manufacturing to sales and service, and will respond to customers in a finely tuned and rapid manner.
Additionally, each operating company specializes in its respective business fields, and as with AMADA, has also established a structure that ranges from development and manufacturing to sales and service.

The AMADA Group supports the customers' entire manufacturing process.
"Growing Together with our Customers," one of our corporate philosophies, is an intuition and starting point for each and every employee and has remained unchanged since its establishment.
That we are a "Manufacturing Company" also remains unchanged.

AMADA Group's products are not seen by the majority of the public, but rather are "machines for manufacturing" metallic products that are required and connected to the all ranges of the fields from the daily lives of everyone in society to advanced technology. That is why all varieties of goods exist in all over the world.   

We will continue to contribute to our customers, local communities, and the international community even more than before through our duties to manufacturing, and to be the company of choice by customers who aims to manufacture. Of that the entire AMADA Group are most proud. 

We will continue to challenge for Innovative Change and for Growing together with our customers.

Representative Director, President  Isobe Tsutomu