Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy

AMADA CO., LTD. discloses important information that can affect investment decisions, including information pertaining to matters the Company has decided, events and facts, and the settlement of accounts, in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and the timely disclosure rules stipulated by the Tokyo Securities Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange.

AMADA also strives to disclose information proactively when it judges such information to be important, even if such information is not subject to the timely disclosure rules.

Information Disclosure Policy

AMADA CO., LTD. discloses important information to which the timely disclosure rules stipulated by the Tokyo Securities Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange apply by publicly releasing the information, in accordance with the rules, on the Timely Disclosure Network System (TDnet) provided by the two securities exchanges. Following such disclosure, the Company also provides the same information promptly to news organizations, and releases the information by publishing it on this website.

Future Projections

Matters other than those pertaining to past or current facts that are contained in information disclosed on this website, including earnings projections, business plans and strategies, are projections concerning the future. These items were prepared from management's expectations or opinions, based on information available at the time such matters were disclosed, and include risks and uncertainties. Accordingly, actual operating results might vary substantially from these projections or opinions as the result of changes in various risks and uncertainty factors.

A variety of factors can be assumed as parameters that could in fact influence operating results. These include changes in economic conditions and demand trends, exchange rate and interest-rate volatility, and a decline in sales prices because of increased competition. Please refer to Business and Other Risks concerning the details of such parameters.

IR Silent Period

To prevent leaks of settlement of accounts information and ensure fairness when closing its accounts for each quarter, AMADA CO., LTD. has established the period from the ten days before the settlement of accounts date until the settlement of accounts announcement date as a Silent Period. During this period, AMADA will not respond to questions concerning, or comment on, its settlement of accounts. This period does not apply, however, for information that has already been made public.

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