Occupational health and safety

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Based on one of the AMADA Group's management philosophies, "Take good care of people and the earth’s environment," the AMADA Group's Basic Policy on Sustainability "Respect for Human Rights" states that we will respect the human rights of all stakeholders and promote workplaces where diverse employees can work with enthusiasm and create an environment where they can work safely and in good health, both physically and mentally.
The AMADA Group develops, manufactures, sells, and services machines as a machine manufacturer based on the belief that contributing to the manufacturing of customers around the world will lead to progress in local communities and in people's lives. We recognize that the most important foundation of our business is to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all people involved in our business, and we will strive to achieve this goal.

  1. We comply with Industrial Safety and Health Act and related laws and regulations applicable in each country and region where we conduct our business, and give top priority to health and safety.
  2. Recognizing the importance of occupational health and safety, we will create a safe and comfortable work environment.
  3. We will establish and communicate occupational health and safety goals, monitor and review the status of their achievement, and continuously improve and enhance our occupational health and safety activities.
  4. We will provide ongoing education and training on occupational health and safety.


This policy applies to all officers and employees of the AMADA Group (including regular employees, contract employees, temporary employees, part-time workers, etc.). We will also promote the realization of a safe and healthy work environment by encouraging businesses and other entities involved in transactions with the AMADA Group to understand and respect this policy.

Occupational Health and Safety Promotion System

In accordance with the "Health and Safety Regulations," we have established a General Health and Safety Committee to comprehensively promote company-wide health and safety management. Specific activities are promoted by setting up specialized subcommittees in the Health and Safety Committee, which includes Group companies at each business site. Overseas Group companies respond to issues specific to each region and country through the General Health and Safety Committee.

Targets and Achievements

FY2022 Achievements Target
Fatal accidents: none
Zero fatal accidents


Each of the specialized subcommittees established in the Health and Safety Committees of each site is working on the prevention of recurrence of industrial accidents based on the annual plan.

Main initiatives

  1. 1) Safety: Study measures to prevent recurrence of industrial accidents and horizontal deployment of measures
  2. 2) Health: Enlightenment in creating a healthy work environment, both mentally and physically
  3. 3) Disaster prevention: Conduct annual comprehensive disaster drills and periodic first aid drills
  4. 4) Transport: Conducting alcohol checks before and after driving company vehicles

Education and training

Recognizing the importance of occupational health and safety, we provide education and training appropriate for each level and job classification to create a safe and comfortable work environment.

  • Health and safety education at the time of employment
  • Safety special education according to the job type at the time of assignment
  • Safety education according to the number of years of experience in each job
  • Implementation of evacuation drills

Health and safety education at the time of employment

Safety Education

Comprehensive disaster prevention training

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