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An introduction to the AMADA Group's educational activities.

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An introduction to the AMADA Group's industry promotion activities.

Regional and Societal Engagement

Hosting and Participating in Local Events


Sponsoring local sporting events

Yokohama Marathon

The AMADA Group actively supports local sporting events. The Yokohama Marathon, which has been held since 2015, has been sponsored since the first time. Many employees also participate as management volunteers to support the tournament. In addition to sponsoring the "Ohyama Climbing Marathon" held every year in Isehara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, where AMADA headquarters is located, we are sponsoring a number of sporting events, including local relay races.

Supporting Nikkei's "Shinich Hoshii Award"

Shinichi Hoshi award ceremony

The AMADA Group is sponsoring the Nikkei "Shinichi Hoshi Award" of the Literature Award sponsored by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun. The concept of Nikkei's "Shinichi Hoshi Award" is to "draw up a story that stimulates the mind of the reader by making full use of your scientific imagination." As a manufacturing company, we have been continuously supporting this program since the first time in order to inform everyone, including those who have a scientific intellect, of AMADA's corporate activities.

Sponsoring and holding local events

Ninth Flower-cation (Ono Plant)

The AMADA Group holds a community exchange event "Hanamikeshon" every April at the Ono Plant (Ono-shi, Hyogo).
In addition, we also sponsor local festivals and events such as "Isehara Kanko Dokan Festival" (Isehara-shi, Kanagawa), "Oiso Festival" (Oiso-machi, Nakagun, Kanagawa), and "Nihonmatsu Chrysanthemum Dolls" (Nihonmatsu-shi, Fukushima).

Conducted local cleanup activities at each site

Participated in the "Edogawa Clean Campaign" (Noda Plant)

Each business site in Japan cooperates with local organizations to conduct social contribution activities. The Noda Plant participates in a donation program sponsored by the Chiba Environment Foundation for the Chiba Environmental Rehabilitation Fund. The donation is used as a subsidy for environmental activities to protect the natural environment in Chiba Prefecture. We are also participating in river cleaning activities in cooperation with local organizations. In addition, the Isehara Plant (Isehara City, Kanagawa Prefecture), the Fujinomiya Plant (Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture), the Ono Plant (Ono City, Hyogo Prefecture), the Migi Plant (Migi City, Hyogo Prefecture), and the Fukushima Plant (Nihonmatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture) are carrying out local cleanup activities.


At the Manufacturing Internship Recognition Event hosted by AMADA North America, and attended by a large number of interns as well as manufacturers and local city officials, all participants could see our machines in demonstration.
AMADA North America took the initiative of organizing Schaumburg Business Council Conference, and explained why Schaumburg was such an attractive venue for AMADA.


In May, AMADA TOOL AMERICA participated in an open house at a vocational school. Students observed and interacted with sample parts.


Following the 2011 initiative, AMADA UK offered support by providing machines and technical support to the UK Skills Championship held in 2012.The machines provided were the Laser Machine and the bending machine.
There were also service engineers on site to offer technical advice to the young skilled workers.


The Institute of Technology of Madras hosted sheet metal processing lectures which were attended by engineers, management staff and students.
After classroom lectures, participants were invited to operate the machines in Demonstration areas and experience the processing of sheet Metal.

Company visits, Internship Programs


Summer vacation parent-child environmental expedition plant tour

The Fujinomiya Works (Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture) cooperated with the "Summer Vacation Parent and Child Environmental Expedition" sponsored by Fujinomiya City to organize a plant tour. The theme of this tour is "a tour of a plant that takes air pollution prevention into consideration". In addition to presenting the Fujinomiya Factory's environmental efforts to visitors, mainly in the lower grades of elementary schools, we also provided guidance on actual processes such as painting booths, machine processing in the factory, and laser-dedicated factories.


AMADA America offers training courses as a cooperate initiative with professional training programs held in Northern Illinois. In 2012, the company welcomed 10 manufacturing interns as part of this Work Force Program. Interns took part in the design, programming, and production of a sheet metal part.


AMADA UK organized professional training for internship students.
In July, several school students spent a week at AMADA gaining work experience, and three French apprentices joined the group for 3 weeks in October.
A student with severe Asperger's syndrome spent a week at AMADA on Work experience.
Staff took special Care to ensure the placement fitted with his special needs.


Based on agreements with local high schools and universities, AMADA Europe S.A. regularly welcomes students to visit its factory, and provides experiences of real work situations. These visits give them the opportunity to observe the work content of each process. By introducing the skills needed for these processes, students can optimize their awareness of which jobs most suit their carrier perspectives.
AMADA Europe S.A. hosts professional training for unemployed adults and students of local technical high schools.
Technical training sessions hosted by AMADA Europe to address the needs of local companies, help to optimize trainees efforts to find new employments and to determine their professional course : a step forward in the direction of local industries development. These activities were reported by local newspaper articles.

Charity Activities and Donations


AMADA UK employees raised £1,250 in one year for Cancer Treatment Support Organization.


Conducted a toy drive at Christmas time. Employees donated about 75 new toys for underprivileged children.
Welfare organizations distributed the donation to families in deprived areas.


A punching machine AE-255NT and a bending machine RGM2-3512, together with an AP100 automatic software were donated to the Jaba-lpur Indian Institute of Information Technology.

With Our Employees

AMADA Group values each one of our employees, their families, and everyone around our company, trying to become a better company through our activities.

Family Facility Tour


AMADA Group organizes facility tours for the families of our employees to foster a better understanding of our company. The employees show their family around themselves, and enjoy their own facility tour.
We received good reviews from the participants, such as "it was a great opportunity for the family to get to know the company I work for", and "it was a great experience for both the parents and the children to see where the machines actually worked".


The company sponsored a family picnic at a local amusement park. It was attended by 95 employees and their family members.
The 95 attending employees and their family members spent a very enjoyable time.


In May, staff and their families took a bus ride to an amusement park to enjoy an attraction show organized by the company.
The children enjoyed the show, and the families became more deeply acquainted with each other.


Organization of a site visit at AMADA OUTILLAGE for staff family, attended by 120 participants.
During this visit, various machinery and manufactured products were presented.

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