AMADA Group Environmental Principles and Policies

AMADA Group Environmental Principles

AMADA Group thinks that preservation of the earth, a small planet in macrocosmos, for the next generation is the biggest theme for human being. Based on this idea, AMADA Group positions environmental preservation as one of the important management issues, and is committed to contribute to prosperous future of the people around the world through ecological manufacturing, to pass down this beautiful earth to our descendant.

AMADA Group Environmental Policies

1.Provision of products and services for protecting environment

Evaluate environmental load throughout the product life cycle, provide energy-saving and resource-saving services which eliminate hazardous substances, mitigate and adapt to climate change, and contribute to protecting the global environment.

2.Reduction of environmental load in business activities

In every process of business activities, thoroughly pursue reduction of environmental load by promoting energy efficiency improvement, energy saving, resource saving, expanding renewable energy, and recycling. Also, aggressively promote green procurement and try to eliminate the use of hazardous substances.

3.Efforts to live in harmony with nature

Maintain an awareness of the effects of business activities on the natural environment and make efforts to live in harmony with nature by using water resources effectively and protecting biodiversity and ecosystems.

4.Compliance with environment-related laws

Comply with environment-related laws and other agreements concluded with interested parties.

5.Continuous improvement of environment management system

Build environment management system and make continuous improvement of it. Grasp effects of business activities, products and services on environment. Set environmental goals and targets and reduce environmental load as well as prevent contamination.

6.Promotion of education about environment

Provide education aimed at environment protection to improve sense of responsibility as a member of company and also boost awareness of environment protection.

April 2023
Representative Director, President
Takaaki Yamanashi

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