Environmental Management / International Initiative

Amada has joined an international environmental initiative “RE100”, that aims to make 100% renewable energy for electricity used in business activities at all of our site, including group company in August 2023.
Amada is the first company in the Japan Machine Tool Industry to join RE100.

The Amada Group obtained certification for SBT (Science-Based Targets for reducing Greenhouse Gas Emission consistent with science) certificate and set CO2 emission reduction target in November 2022.
Reduce CO2 emissions from al business sites and factories (Scope1+2) by 46.2% by 2030 compared to FY2019. Also “27.5% reduction of CO2 emission from indirect activities other than Scope 1+2 (scope3= processes from procurement of raw materials, sales, consumption and disposal of products) by FY2030 and we、Amada Group, are working to achieve these targets.

AMADA Group obtained ISO14001 certification for Isehara Works in 1998, and has remained certified ever since.
Currently, 10 locations including Isehara Works, Fujinomiya Works, Ono Plant, Toki Works, Kansai Technical Center, Miki Plant, Noda Works, Fukushima Plant, Isehara Suzukawa Works, and Kawaguchi Works, 10 Group companies, 1 vocational training corporation, 1 sales office, and 1 union are all jointly certified under a single ISO 14001 certification.

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