AMADA Group Eco Marks

The Symbol Mark of Our Environmental Activities

This mark symbolizes the AMADA Group's environmental activities. The M-shaped region is modeled after FORUM246 building operated by the Group and represents the Group's commitment to the environment. The two leaves overlapping each other present an image of our customers and the AMADA Group supporting each other and growing together, with one leaf being a zelkova tree leaf (a plant common on the Isehara Works premises) to represent the AMADA Group, and the other representing our customers including stakeholders.

Eco Products Mark

This mark, centering on the color green for environmental protection, uses the two letters "E" and "P" of Eco Products to visually represent the seed leaves that will produce fresh greenery in the future.

Eco Information Mark

The Environmental Information Mark indicates that we provide customers and other stakeholders with information on environmental matters pertaining to AMADA products.

Resource-Saving Machine

This mark indicates a machine is a "resource-saving machine" that uses less oil than conventional models.

Energy-Saving Machine

This mark indicates a machine is an "energy-saving machine" that uses less energy than conventional models.

Low-Noise Machine

This mark indicates a "low-noise machine" that produces less noise than conventional models.


This mark indicates that cutting fluids are chlorine-free and do not contain chemicals controlled under the PRTR notifications. For consumables, we use the Eco Products Mark that reverses green and white.

Reuse mark

These are put on special racks and covers used for delivery.

AMADA designated parts for recovery system mark

This mark is used for our system of collecting parts that include materials designated as regulated chemical substances.

Contact for repair/recovery of AMADA products and our corporate activities.