Important Tasks

Environmental and social contributions

1.We are contributing to preventing global warming by reducing discharges of CO2 through the life cycles of our products.

Manufacturing industrial goods, AMADA Group thinks it particularly important to reduce discharges of CO2 through the life cycles of goods when customers use them at their plants.
With its collective efforts, AMADA Group will promote the development of environmental technology aimed at improving energy efficiency, saving energy and resources, and attempt to reduce discharges of CO2 in the production of all our products.
We will continue to steadily develop future generations of metalworking products that excel in environmental performance.

2.We drive energy and resource savings into our business processes to reduce discharge of CO2.

AMADA Group's eco-friendly products are manufactured at energy- and resource-saving plants and eco-friendly offices by eco-conscious employees.
We will promote the further streamlining of business processes as well as energy and resource savings at all our business establishments and reduce discharges of CO2.

3.We contribute to the recycling society by promoting effective use of limited natural resources.

We will achieve zero-emissions by promoting activities aimed at eliminating release, disposal of entering, and creation of waste at all our plants.
We will introduce MFCA(Material Flow Cost Accounting) to make waste visible and to promote effective use of resources.

4.We are enhancing our efforts against regulated chemicals.

In order to ensure that customers can use our products safely, AMADA Group has been striving to reduce use of regulated chemicals. Our efforts include voluntary observation of the RoHS directive, which is not applicable to our products.
By appropriately managing information about chemicals, we will continue our efforts to totally abolish the use of regulated chemicals. Also in the manufacturing process, we will continuously try to reduce amounts of such chemicals in waste products.

5.We are promoting the growing of "AMADA's Forest" that contributes to preserving biodiversity.

A large area of forest and state-of-the-art plant coexist at Fujinomiya Operations, where our main plant is located. We have called it "AMADA's Forest". Based on the concept of "preserving and harnessing the forest", we will try to enhance its natural attributes and create a large forest where diverse plants and animals can live.
At Isehara Operations, where our head office is located, we will strive to grow a forest in the city in accordance with the concept "Harmony of water, green and buildings".

April 2010

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