Basic Policy on Sustainability

Based on its Management Philosophy, Environmental Principles and Policy, and the Corporate Code of Conduct, AMADA Group respects dialogue with all stakeholders including customers, business partners, shareholders and investors, employees, and local communities, and strives to play an active role in building a sustainable society while enhancing corporate value.

1.Address environmental issues through business activities

We will treat people and the global environment with respect by reducing CO2 emissions, promoting reduction and reuse of waste, and protecting the global environment including biodiversity in all processes. We will also provide environmentally-friendly products and services through our business activities.

2.Respect human rights

We will respect the human rights of all stakeholders, including the socially vulnerable, regardless of individual attributes such as gender or nationality. We will also promote workplaces where diverse employees can work with enthusiasm and create an environment where they can work safely and in good health, both physically and mentally.

3.Develop human resources

As a source of innovation, employees are important management resources. We will develop human resources who pursue creative and challenging activities by developing a personnel system and an education and training system. These systems will enable employees to reach their full potential.

4.Participate in and contribute to local communities

We will play an active role in revitalizing local communities and creating an enriched living environment through our business activities and social contribution activities. This includes cultural activities in the communities where we operate.

5.Establish trust of society

We will ensure strict compliance with all laws and regulations and engage in honest and fair corporate activities, including fair competition, supply of high- quality products, and appropriate disclosure of product and corporate information, while strengthening our management base so management earns a high-level of trust from society.

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