Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name AMADA CO., LTD.
Date of Foundation September 10, 1946
Date of Establishment May 1, 1948
Representative Director Representative Director, Chairman Tsutomu Isobe
Representative Director, President Takaaki Yamanashi
Listing Exchanges Prime Market, Tokyo Stock Exchange (Securities Code: 6113)
Capital Stock 54,768 million yen
Head Office 200, Ishida, Isehara-shi, Kanagawa 259-1196, Japan

Global manufacturer of metalworking machinery

The AMADA Group consists of 89 subsidiaries and affiliated companies, headed by AMADA Co., Ltd. Our main businesses are the manufacture, sale, lease, repair, maintenance, check, and inspection of metalworking machines and equipment.

The AMADA Group chiefly handles metalworking machines in the five businesses of sheet metal machines, metal cutting machines, grinding machines, stamping presses, and precision welding machines. We also provide all solutions for control computers and software, peripheral equipment, tooling, and maintenance. As a global manufacturer of metalworking machinery, the AMADA Group contributes to the development of manufacturing considering what is most necessary from the customer's point of view.

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