Creating a Rewarding Workplace

Basic Policy

Our Basic Policy on Sustainability calls for creating a rewarding workplace where diverse employees can work with enthusiasm. The AMADA Group thinks that employees can be fulfilled at work in the environment where both the comfortable workplace and job satisfaction are comprehensively enhanced. To this end, we will strengthen the foundation on which each and every employee of the AMADA Group can work with peace of mind over the long term. Specifically, we will develop work styles that are appropriate to the environment and circumstances, and properly evaluate and treat work.

Targets and Achievements

Indicator FY 2022 Results FY 2025 targets
Paid leave acquisition rate 68.4%
(Group companies in Japan)
Childcare leave acquisition rate
(Group companies in Japan)
(Group companies in Japan)


Initiatives for use of paid leave

Improving the paid leave acquisition rate has been an issue in the past for the AMADA Group. To address this issue in earnest, we conducted a survey on employee attitudes toward paid leave. This survey revealed that employees feel that use of paid leave is beneficial, but that it is still difficult to actually take leave. To help alleviate this difficulty, we established a paid leave promotion month within each department. We encourage employees to selectively prioritize their work to ensure that they take paid vacations during these promotion months.

Initiatives to Support Balancing Work and Childcare

In the support for the development of the next generation, we are implementing a range of initiatives to help both men and women balance work and childcare. To encourage male employees to take childcare leave, we have taken a number of measures to help facilitate smooth organizational operation. These include informing eligible employees individually about the childcare leave program, and using training sessions to encourage managers to become “Iku-Bosses,” or those who support employees’ childcare needs, and to provide specific examples on how to hand off employee work. In addition, we have increased the number of questions on male childcare leave in our employee awareness survey and shared the answers to these questions to foster a culture that is more inclusive of this kind of leave.

Major Next-Generation Development Support Measures
  • Providing next-generation development allowances to employees with dependents up to the age of 18
  • Extending the eligible duration for the shortened working hour system for childcare to cover the period up to a child’s graduation from elementary school, exceeding statutory requirements
  • Introducing a leave system for attending school observations
  • Introducing a unique AMADA support leave system for childcare and a spousal maternity leave system
Kurumin Certification

AMADA CO., LTD. was certified by the Kanagawa Labor Bureau’s Employment / Equal Opportunity Division (Office) on August 21, 2023, as a Child-rearing Support Company under Article 13 of the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children.

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