Sheet Metal Processing


Auto-grinding machine for ID tool

Skill-less and optimal tool-grinding has been achieved by digital control


Although tooling maintenance is so important and indispensable element to keep/raise the product quality in sheet metal products, the reality is left to operator’s knack or experience to judge the timing and degree for the maintenance.

Every one can achieve the optimal grinding because “ID-TOGU” gets the grinding value automatically from AITS server.

■ Feature(1) : Simple operation and precise grinding
Just reading ID information automates the grind-value setting through AITS server. The grinding starts just by depressing the start-button after setting the tool on the unit.
■ Feature(2) : Sharing tool information without skill after regrinding
And transferring the value to AITS server enables digitally to control the tooling condition and to perform the optimal-punching operation.

*AITS server is required separately



Tool diameter

Tool height

Standard grinding wheel

Tool height measuring range

Power supply



chuck jaw height

CBN φ135


three(3)-phase, 200V

*For Japan domestic market.
For any inquires, please contact local AMADA branch office.