Precision Welding

Precision Welding

Laser Welders

AMADA WELD TECH's laser welders are equipped with RPF* (Real-time Power Feedback) function. You can find the best system within our wide lineup for your applications, whether that be processing thin sheets or precision metal plates.
* The RPF function provides the ideal laser power waveform as it is preset by controlling the energy supply to the lamp or the laser diode. This is AMADA WELD TECH's original technology and provides high-quality welding.

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Laser Markers

AMADA WELD TECH commercialized laser diode-pumped laser markers equipped with a full air-cooled system ahead of other manufacturers. These are ideal not only for drawing characters and figures, but also for a wide range of processing applications such as ablation, debarring, and cutting. Introducing these laser markers will assure you an outstanding increase in production efficiency.

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Fine Spot Welders

Fine spot welding (resistance welding) is a joining method using heat generated from resistance caused by placing electrodes in contact with workpieces to apply force and let current flow into workpieces. It is an eco-friendly joining method without using solder and is employed in a variety of industrial fields.

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AMADA WELD TECH offers one-stop solution for the design and manufacturing of processing systems that include not only welding machines for processing, but also conveyor robots, tool jigs, and software tailored to best meet your specifications. Our rich history of developing processing technologies is sure to meet your manufacturing requirements.

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*This product is for the Japanese market.