●The 21st award winners
Minister of Health,Labour and Welfare Award
Japan Vocational Ability Development Association Award
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Award
Assembling Technology
Formative Arts Fabrication
Silver Award
Bronze Award
Technical Award
Technical Encouragement Award /20th Award
/ Special Encouragement Award
 ●Student Participation
Gold Award
Silver Award /
Bronze Award /
Judging Committee's Award /
Performance Award
Encouragement Award

AMADA Special Award /Silver Award
【Sheet Metal Working Parts】
F.lli Marcellini l. & M.S.n.c. Italy
Powder Funnel Twin Output
●Demand Accuracy:±0.5mm
●Material Type:SUS AISI304
Silver Award
【Sheet Metal Working Parts】
TanabeMetal Tec Co., Ltd.
Chain case
●Demand Accuracy:±0.5mm
●Material Type:SUS304

Silver Award
【Welding Fabrication】
Nihongauge Co., Ltd.
●Demand Accuracy:±0.3mm
●Material Type:A5052
Silver Award
【Assembling Technology】
Seiou Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Prototype chassis of dry mist generator "Aqua Neo"
●Demand Accuracy:±0.5mm
●Material Type:SECC

Silver Award
【Formative Arts Fabrication】
Sanin Sogyo Co., Ltd.
Keep tower(castle)
●Material Type:SPC
Silver Award
【High-precision Small Parts】
Ozawa Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
●Demand Accuracy:±0.02mm
●Material Type:C5210H