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High-precision Small parts
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High-precision Small parts

T2 Co.,Ltd.
H.T. Terminal
●Demand Accuracy: ±0.02mm
●Material Type: C5210H
●Thickness: 0.1mm

This product has a complicated shape, so we spent a lot of time and energy in programming the machining program. The microscopic shapes requested by our customers sometimes include confidential information, so we modified the design so as not to conflict with the confidentiality obligation, while leaving the microscopic shape.
We had difficulties in handling the tooling, since sometimes the tooling was damaged due to 0.15mm minimum slit width, and 0.12mm trimming.
Our product received high scores for having both punching and bending fabrication on a complicated shape, and microscopic fabrication. It was worth working weekends, and I am honored to have my work evaluated highly by everyone, and to have won the award two years in a row. I am happy that our company’s approach of “always challenging for new fabrication” was recognized. We will continue working to develop and improve the leading edge technology, and enter the contest next year.

Kazuo Tomita