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Machine Assembling Technology

Kimura Denshi Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Basic lattice purifying magnet system
●Demand Accuracy: ±0.5mm
●Material Type: SUS304
●Thickness: 2.0mm

This equipment is used to remove contamination from powder during food manufacturing, so it is hygienic sheet-metal, and the removal must be very thorough, for no contamination can slip through.
We have studied various forms for realizing high performance and efficiency. The tip of the cylinder is square, so we worked with the programmer in determining how many we should divide the tip, and we decided on four. The work pieces were blanked into quarter sector shapes, and we engraved fan shaped mark-off lines every few millimeters by laser. Our operator bent the material with machines with his instincts and experience. We also needed to be very careful during welding since the material was stainless-steel.
Our product received high scores because of the smooth welding of cylinder to rectangular column without any tooling, the visual appearance, and the smooth movement of the structure.
We will work hard in developing new inspection equipments, and endeavor to promote our efforts through cultivation of employees’ skills and technology. We also have a plan to enter in all the categories of the Precision Sheet Metal Technology Fair.
* Hygienic sheet-metal is a sheet-metal fabrication that pays scrupulous attention to hygiene for products used for food and drugs.

Isamu Shimonomura