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Minister of Health,Labour and Welfare Award
Japan Vocational Ability Development Association Award
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Award
Formative Arts Fabrication
High-precision Small parts
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 ●Student Participation
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Welding Fabrication

Tamachi Denki Co., Ltd.
Air duct
●Demand Accuracy: ±1.0mm
●Material Type: SUS304 BA
●Thickness: 1.0mm

We worked hard in controlling the flexure and edge deformation from welding, and in fabricating without spoiling the curve and curved surfaces. We improved the precision of parts, and we were able to digitalize fabrication by using the data we accumulated through manufacturing from CAD/CAM.
We believe we received high marks because the welding section of the part is deformation-free with clean edges, and the surface flexure where the curved surface and flat surface are welded together with YAG laser is limited to a minimum.
We are grateful to have received such an honorable award, and we are surprised and happy for finding another goal in manufacturing.
While the importance of handing down the technology and skills is commonly understood, we can speed up that process by using the traditional fabrication methods in combination with the digitalized expertise. We would like to continue participating in skill proficiency tests and the Precision Sheet Metal Technology Fair, while passing down the technology.

Yukio Makishima
Chief of Production Engineering Group
Misao Kigasawa
Production Director, Executive GM
Kenji Sugiura
Manufacturing 2 Group, welding