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The31st award

Kanagawa Prefectural Governor's Award

Kanagawa Prefectural Governor's Award

Insmetal Co.,Ltd.


Piling ! Boar year round rice-cake

●Material Type:SUS304 ●Thickness:0.5mm

Far left
Mr. Naoto Tanaka,

2nd from left
Mr. Hikaru Murayama,
Fiber Laser

3rd from left
Mr. Hidekazu Mitsuta,

4th from left
Mr. Hideto Fukui,

4th from right
Ms. Aki Terakado,

3rd from right
Mr. Yutaro Takahashi,

2nd from right
Mr. Satoya Watanuki,

Far right
Mr. Masato Araki,

We would sincerely appreciate on our work piece “Wild boar figured round rice-cake in piles” to be selected for the honorable Kanagawa Prefectural Governor Award, which is for the work piece to contain future-oriented idea, technology and technique leading to innovation”.

We have started manufacturing the piece for the photo of new year greeting card or memorial object for exhibitions since year of mouse 2008 and next year is 12th year around, which improves our technology every year to lead to this work piece.

The manufacturing steps begins from flat design followed by clay figures of solid model. The surfaces then, are manufactured one by one with as small as possible through 3D scanning polygonal data. We aim the further solid feeling on this work piece by piling 0.5mm thickness 529 parts up with finer CAD although the manufacturing difficulty lies on piece unification, arc and surface smoothness. The means of “in piles” on the title is piling mother and child of wild boar like round rice-cake as well as piling sheet metal parts besides piling the idea and technology of each engineers.

The award gives confidence to the engineers and will reflect to the future job.

Thank you very much indeed.

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