Awards Winners

The31st award

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award

Japan Vocational Ability Development Association Chairman's Award

SATO Sheet Metal Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.


Twisted pipe

●Material Type:SUS304 ●Thickness:0.6mm

Mr. Masato Nishio,
Engineering Department

2nd from left
Mr. Shimpei Sato,

2nd from right
Mr. Jun Yamamoto,
Engineering Department

Mr. Shigeyuki Tomita,
Engineering Department Manager

We are very pleased with receiving The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award at the Sheet Metal Technology Fair. The 3 concepts of work piece are “simple” “urging question of how to make this” and “manufacturing of useful product to customer” through our manufacturing experience and knowledge since we manufacture many food and medical related products.

The real manufacturing brings many issues although 3D CAD develops exactly what we plan.

The difficulties occur every step in manufacturing with poor outer looks by big warp when cylindrical bend is performed at once, the gap at the rolling area and miserable wrapping.

We have tried many times for the proper angle to show the twist since the edge is not flat enough against the spiral. We then find the issue is the relations between the angle at cylindrical bend and at development.

We realize that continuous challenge makes it possible to reality even the work may not seem to be manufactured through sheet metal process and are confident by achieving the work piece. We shall strive for contributing the society by improving staff nurture, our own technology and technique through manufacturing.

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