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The31st award

Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Award

Minister of Health,Labour and Welfare Award

Nadayoshi Co., Ltd.


Design sink for nursery school

●Material Type:SUS304 #700 ●Thickness:1.2mm

Far left front row
Mr. Kentarou Shichida,

2nd from left front row
Mr. Masaya Kitazaki,

Center front row
Mr. Kenya Shichida,

2nd from right front row
Mr. Keiya Matsuo,

Far right front row
Mr. Yuichi Yoshida,
Quality, Control Section Leader

Far left back row
Ms. Maina Kirishima,

2nd from left back row
Mr. Hiroshi Takahashi,
Technology Leader

3rd from left back row
Mr. Tsugiyoshi Ueki,

Center back row
Mr. Takehiko Ueki,

3rd from right back row
Mr. Yoshiaki Nakao,
Factory Manager

2nd from right back row
Ms. Masumi Ueki,
Accounting and General Affairs

Far right back row
Ms. Naoko Sakurai,
Accounting and General Affirs

We are very grateful for receiving the honorable award at the Sheet Metal Technology Fair.

The work piece is the request from Nasa Industrial Inc with the concept of “Happy and safe sink” for the 2 year old child to use the water tap for the first time when the company establishes the own led nursery school. They give image sketch to us and leave the manufacturing to us however, there are some difficulties when the we keep the measures in strict as the positioning area is strict and also R part can’ t be drawn because of the limit of 3D software. We correct and re-draw the collided part due to the stretch or short of R part from our experience after provisional welding.

The gauge for R par t is made then, the bending and welding is carried out according to the gauge. The bottom surface is processed at high grade of difficulty of mirror finish. We particularly stick to the finish especially leaving the bead to be viewed purposely without shaving while hammering scar is invisible.

We are pleased with receiving the Minister award in the collaboration of philosophy with “Pursuit of better quality” from Nasa Industrial Inc and “Manufacturing to be pleased by the others” from Nadayoshi. I thank all staff to be involved in manufacturing the work piece as well as other staff and families who support by providing the manufacturing time.

We shall move for ward our business par ticularly in manufacturing to please proposal company through every day advancing technology and idea according to our philosophy with staf f nur ture to cope with dif ficult processing request.

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