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The25th award

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Award

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Award

Sheet metal parts

Tokiwa Engineering Co., Ltd.


Speaker grille

●Material Type:SPCC ●Thickness:0.5mm

Mr. Keiya Iwatsuki,

Deciding the unfold drawing was the most difficult process, since this part was made with sheet metal processing instead of creating mold. Of the various ideas, we chose the one that forms the shape mainly with bending, and we unfolded like this. We tried to limit the welding to a minimum, and added grooves in accurate position so that we can bend with fingers and drivers when assembling the legs.

I think the judges recognized our efforts of manufacturing with sheet metal processing which is normally drawing process of stamping press, leading to the creative ideas in the unfold shape, the high precision bends, and the minimum camber in the punching process.

We are a complete Make-to-Order company. Our customers give us the drawing (specifications), and we manufacture accordingly. That’s why I think it’s not too much to say that our customers nurtured us. We owe this award to the guidance of our customers and clients, and also our willingness to pursue challenges without giving up when we receive difficult orders or products may have contributed to this award.

This is our second significant award following the MF award of Japan Forming Machinery Association two years ago. We will continue to be modest, and pursue difficult challenges to measure up to our customers’expectations.

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