Awards Winners

The25th award

Japan Vocational Ability Development Association Chairman's Award

Japan Vocational Ability Development Association Chairman's Award

Formative arts fabrication

Shinagawa Arts Pro Co., Ltd.


High spirits 〜 Gilin

●Material Type:SUS304 ●Thickness:1.2, 3.5mm

Ms. Kumiko Shinagawa,

Since our Silver award in 2007, we have won 3 gold awards, and all of us at our company are delighted for this year’s great award. We are very grateful for everyone who supported us.

A size regulation has been added from this year’s fair, so we struggled in finding ways to express vigor and vibrancy within the regulated size - we bent the legs or curled the tail to express vibrancy by trial and error.

The product has over 2500 parts all together, and each part was welded by hand one by one. The most difficult part was the welding of the body and legs. Since imaginary animals have no models, we let our imagination do the work in creating the details. Combing the coat of fur in one direction, and it was complete.

Gilin is an animal said to appear as a sign of saint’s arrival. It has a body of a deer, hoof of a horse, tail of a cow, has one horn on its head, and cast 5 colored lights. As we feel the bright light around us, we will keep manufacturing inspired by this award.

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