Awards Winners

The25th award

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award

Japan Vocational Ability Development Association Chairman's Award

Sheet metal assemble parts

Tanabe Metal Tec


Screw feeder

●Material Type:SUS304 ●Thickness:1.2〜5.0mm

Mr. Shinji Tomisaki,
Manufacturing Group 4
Manufacturing Group 2

Mr. Hideyo Tanabe

Mr. Jun Tanabe

We have learned that this METI award was established from this year. We are very honored and thankful that we won the award at its first fair.

The main point of this product is the screws-two screws rotating by intersecting, so we paid extra attention to bend with precision and weld without deformation. We also controlled the power voltage, speed, and order, to maintain accuracy.

We were also successful in significantly reducing the cost, weight, and lead-time by replacing machine processing with sheet metal processing. We believe this attributed to the award more than the precision of our product.

The award will be a great stimulation for our employees who will be participating in future fairs. We hope to continue participating in this fair as an opportunity to hone our skills.

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