Awards Winners

The25th award

Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Award

Minister of Health,Labour and Welfare Award

Welding fabrication



●Material Type:SUS304 ●Thickness:1.5mm

Mr. Terumasa Takarae,

I would like to thank everyone for the Health, Labor and Welfare Minister Award.

The reason we decided to make this product was that we’ve been finding ways to impart our technologies and skills.

It is difficult to explain a skill in words, and manuals and memos are not good enough, so we decided to use this product as a model, and taught them by showing its manufacturing process.

We explained the difficulties while we made the product, such as in which order the parts should be welded by taking into account the welding deformation (teaching is very difficult, so I went to study forging to learn the art of “teaching” from the student side).

In addition to OJT, we also created a model after welding and model after polishing, therefore, we were able to leave a teaching material and data (unfold drawing) that can help pass along the technology to the next generation.

I feel much pleasure in winning the award with this part that was born from the transfer of technology. We would like to continue developing and transferring technologies to the future generation.

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