Awards Winners

The25th award

Sheet metal parts

Gold Award




●Material Type:SUS304#400 ●Thickness:1.0mm

From top left
Mr. Akihiro Kihara
Sheet-metal process department

Mr. Kouji Sato
Sheet-metal design department

Mr. Shigeru Tahara
Sheet-metal process department

From bottom left
Mr. Yuuki Yoshida
Machining process department

Mr. Yasushi Yamashita
Sheet-metal process department

Ms. Mai Kizuka
Sheet-metal design department

We are very delighted to receive such a respectable award, and I would also like to thank everyone for the many compliments we received.

During the design phase of this product, we imaged to unfold as “peeling of an apple”, but it was difficult creating the actual unfold data. For the laser processing, the sharp edges would melt if processed all at once, so we increased number of piercing. For the bending processing, the second row could not be bent if bent all the first row at the beginning, so we changed the bending order. Bending was particularly painstaking; all 176 bends required on marking lines. Furthermore, since the sheet was thin (1.0mm), we used TIG weld, and used high frequency wave pulse to centralize the arc, to limit distortion to a minimum.

I think it was our idea of manufacturing a vase with single sheet, the high precision bending skills, and our strain-free welding technology that brought us high scores.

With this award, we are one step closer to our corporate philosophy of “contributing to the social welfare by utilizing our knowledge and skills of manufacturing, and the human networks”, and we will aim for further technical improvement. We are planning to participate in the next fair with a product that incorporates our company’s strengths.

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