Awards Winners

The23rd award

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Award

Gold Award

Welding Fabrication

Saito Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

Titanium tank

●Processing Accuracy:±0.5mm
●Material Type:Pure titanium 2 types ●Thickness:1.0mm

Mr. Kiyotaka Saito, CEO

Thank you very much for the Gold Award. We are very happy, and we would like to thank everyone.

The reason we made this “titanium tank for sake brewery” is that a local sake brewer gave us an order for a titanium tank to be used during the initial firing process.

In the past, glass containers have been used. However, the glass bottles are heavy, and they are subject to damage by impact and rapid heating and cooling, so they have decided that the titanium is the most appropriate material with its superior corrosion resistance and safety, and with half the mass and strength-to-weight ratio of stainless-steel.

Welding of titanium requires high level of welding technology, an application of Tig welding technology, and we needed to be special careful in the welding of thin titanium sheet. Also, in welding the tank, we filled the tank with inert gas to prevent oxidation.

We believe our processing technology with time and effort was evaluated. We hope to continue pursuing new technologies, and make new products that will live up to this award.

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