Awards Winners

The23rd award

Formative Arts Fabrication

Gold Award

Shinagawa Art Pro Co.,Ltd.



●Processing Accuracy:±1.0mm
●Material Type:SUS304 ●Thickness:1.0〜3.0mm

Ms. Kumiko Shinagawa, CEO

I am very happy for this gold award. Thank you very much.

We also put in all our efforts in creating the “dinosaur” piece for the last Fair, and the difference between this year's dragon is that the dragon has by far many number of parts.

Consequently, the polishing and de-burring increased, so we allotted tasks, and finished the product by joining hands.

Similar to our previous dinosaur, this dragon was also an imaginary animal, so we focused on how we can materialize our image. We paid extra attention to making the leg and arm joints move naturally.

Also, it took a long time to come up with the frame structure, but I think this resulted in a solid finish.

We created the frame by processing and welding the pipes together to make it move (we fixed it when we submitted the part, so it doesn't move now).

We would like to start on our next product by making today's award our new step.

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