Awards Winners

The23rd award

Japan Vocational Ability Development Association Chairman's Award

Gold Award

Machine Assembling Technology



Cylinder frame for needlework

●Processing Accuracy:±0.1〜0.3mm
●Material Type:SUS301, 304, SPCC ●Thickness:1.0〜2.3mm

(R)Mr. Shinichiro Miwa, CEO ,
(L)Mr. Michio Suita,
Production Engineering
Plant manager

We are happy to win prizes for all three times we have participated in this fair, and I would like to thank everyone.

I went to see the other award winning products in the hall, and I am surprised at their technology level. We are lucky to have won this award amongst all these great products.

This product was manufactured to fulfill an order from an embroidery company in China. Their demands were tough, with many requests related to taste such as visual appearance and touch in addition to precision; and we submitted samples repeatedly. After a few prototypes, we were able to manufacture a product that meets the customer's demands through combination of engineers' experience and the latest equipments.

We think the reason we were able to win this award is that the committee evaluated our rib processing that doesn't require tools, and the high quality screwing during the manufacturing process.

We hope to continue to be a liaison between the design engineers and the users, and a company with technologies needed by both. Also, we hope to create our own inventions as well.

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