Awards Winners

The23rd award

Minister of Health,Labour and Welfare Award

Gold Award

Sheet Metal Working Parts

Tanabe Metal Tec



●Processing Accuary:±1.0mm
●Material Type:SUS304BA ●Thickness:1.2〜1.5mm

Mr. Hideyo Tanabe,

We are happy and honored that our knowledge & technology we have acquired in the past and our experience and efforts were evaluated.

What was difficult about this product was the design and unfolding of the twisted shape of the “chute” portion. We proceeded through trial and error during unfolding, and after a lot of test production on the shop floor, we came closer to the required precision and form. Also, it was very difficult to align the opening of the top and bottom chute while modifying the distortion from welding.

We believe that the unfolding of twisted chute portion and the clean finish lead us to the award.

This award will boost our confidence and encourage us in our future manufacturing. We would like to be a company that can contribute to society through sheet metal processing.

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