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Tsu Advanced Vocational-Technical Training School
Garden gate 1/8 model ●Demand Accuracy:±0.2~1.0mm
●Material Type:SUS304,C1201P,C2680P,SPCC etc

We struggled on the visual appearance of the part with the materials being made of copper plate, brass plate, and stainless steel plate. Also, since the metal sash of the sliding door and lattice gates have very small bending width, with two of them on back and front; it required very high bending precision.
We believe our product was recognized for its visual finish, and also the design - it is manufactured with simple bends and assemblies, but the product itself looks gorgeous.
This Fair provides an important opportunity for our students to experience the satisfaction and profound meaning of manufacturing. Our students are very happy that their work was highly evaluated as Gold award, as well as feeling a sense of accomplishment. They have also learned the importance of "thinking", as well as desire to create better products. I believe this will be their sustenance in engaging in manufacturing.(Comment by adviser)

Metal Craft Department
Retressentative of the students