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High-precision Small Parts

T2 Co.,Ltd.
●Demand Accuracy: ±0.02mm
●Material Type: C5210H
●Thickness: 0.05mm

Meticulous care was taken during fabricating, since micro-punching and bending tools are so tiny and carried high risk of damage. A great deal of time was spent on setting up the parts so it wouldn't break during punching. We inserted wire in the core when bending. At the beginning, when they came out all damaged, we couldn't figure out what was causing the problem since the parts were so small and difficult to see. I believe we were selected for this award because our 0.1mm slit-width punching and complicated bend shape were evaluated highly.
We are grateful and happy to receive such an important award. We believe it is the outcome of our long and hard work since the start of our business. We will continue to improve our skills, and hope the customers will think of us when ordering a difficult product, saying "T2 can help us".

Kazuo Tomita