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Formative Arts Fabrication
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Formative Arts Fabrication

Creating-conception stainless CO.LTD. (Taiwan)
●Material Type: SUS(鏡面)
●Thickness: 1.5mm

What was most difficult about this product was that we weren't able to check the finish with 3D simulation. There is no regularity in its shape, so the secret of our success lies in the drawing we created with 2D figures. The welding required techniques as well, since one welding misalignment means would result in a wrong angle for the entire part, and the part will would fail.
We believe we were highly evaluated for the part's difficulty level of modeling, welding, and finish, and also the non-regularity of its shape.
We are honored that our product was highly valued, and we would like to challenge again next year with new products.
We devote ourselves to make every product - not only the awarded ones - virtually perfect, by pouring our hearts into manufacturing. We hope our company name "Creating-conception stainless" will become a publicly renowned brand, through our dedication in manufacturing and by bolstering competitiveness.

Aivin Ke