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Welding Fabrication

Shinei Metaltec Co., Ltd.
Screw conveyor
●Demand Accuracy: ±1.0mm
●Material Type: SUS304
●Thickness: 1.5,2.0mm

We worked on the deformation-free welding and alignment when manufacturing the screw, in order to make the clearance between the case and the screw blades as uniform as possible. We also used our creativity when manufacturing the opening in solid material, by combining the R and square bends.
I believe it was our welding technology of difficult-to-see spots, and the productユs total balance gained by the merge with sheet-metal processing were what earned us high recognition.
Truthfully, the award was unexpected. This was our third entry, and we are so jubilant and grateful for such a wonderful surprise. We are again reminded of the importance and responsibility for receiving the award, and every member of our staff would like to join hands in improving our manufacturing and technical skills, so we can live up to this award.

Kazuyuki Tahara