●The 17th award winners
The Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Award
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The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Award
Forming Fabrication
High Precision Small Part
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The AMADA Award
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High Precision Small Part

●Material Type: C5210H
●Thickness: 0.2mm

I did not have any problems which could be described as painstaking.
I made this entry when my boss said to me, "Why don't you make something suitable for our advertising in order to familiarize yourself with the new machine?" At that time our company had just introduced MERC, and had received no orders.
I daresay that I did all kinds of things; for example, I tried to fabricate as small as possible with MERC, used the R shape in many places in order to give a three dimensional texture, and split the tail so that it could move.
I used MERC for processing all parts except for part of the bending in the legs and the barbels. I think this point was noted at the contest. In addition, maybe making a shrimp in a spirit of fun, instead of an industrial product was a winning point, too.
I was too happy to sleep on the day before the awards ceremony. I am also very proud of my work being selected among the many entries.
I would like to expand the application of this award winning work in order to examine our future direction with a view to commercialization of this work as an adornment for ordinary users.


Shunsaku Fukuda

Osamu Fukuda
Executive Director

Jun Shimura
MERC Processing Department