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Welding Fabrication

Gas turbine combustion device
●Demand Accuracy: ±0.5mm
●Material Type: INCO alloy HX
●Thickness: 1.2mm

Our awardwinning combustion chamber incorporates a fuel nozzle manufactured by machining the impellers using a 5 axis simultaneous milling machine to achieve higher efficiency of the combustion gas mix ratio.
The result is a combustion chamber which is contributing to environmental protection because it reduces CO2 emissions compared to conventional systems and significantly reduces air pollutants such as NOx and dust.
More perfect circularity with the nickel super alloy welding was obtained from the shrink process used for radius rings. Higher combustion efficiency was also achieved through improved sheet metal welding accuracy. I believe that its surpassing durability, more than 10,000 hours at approx. 1,500 Centigrade in the combustion chamber, also became a point of appraisal.
I realize that this award is the result of our past efforts in conducting a wide range of technical research and cooperative work with a variety of manufacturers participating in both domestic and international motor races. I feel that these efforts have paid off.
We are also manufacturing a slap frame skate for Hiroyasu Shimizu, the speed skater. We would like to be the kind of company that is always up to the challenge of developing original brand products.

Kiyotaka Saito