●The 17th award winners
The Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Award
The Japan Vocational Ability Development Association Chairman Award
The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Award
Forming Fabrication
High Precision Small Part
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The AMADA Award
The Judging Committee's Award
Technical Award
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 ●Student Participation
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Encouragement Award

Sheet Metal Working

●Demand Accuracy: ±0.05mm
●Material Type: SECC
●Thickness: 0.4mm

In order to meet a tight delivery schedule, we processed pressed and embossed parts using laminating tools, and did bending using a press brake. Because it was impossible to apply standard tools to any bending processes, we ground available dies.
Following pressing and embossing processes we did blanking using a laser, and did bending with a small rise (smallest inner dimension: 0.4) and other processes. I think our integration of all these technologies in our manufacturing, was appraised at this contest.
I am very pleased to receive this commendation of our day to day work.
Thanks to continuous trial and error and unique innovation, we are able to release this product which combines multiple elements. Receiving the award has made me realize that our past efforts have not been misplaced.
We won an award for sheet metal work this time, and we would like to continue our efforts to be able to win other awards such as the welding award.

Yasuto Hinada
Section Chief,
Sheet Metal Section