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Assembling Technology

Mounting for board mount device ●Demand Accuracy:±0.05mm
●Material Type:SECC・SS400

Our entry, a steel case frame, used to be considered a difficult product to commercialize from the standpoint of productivity and other problems. Because its casting structure requires machine work in the production of most parts, it is difficult to manufacture using sheet metal processing.
Given this, we ventured to take an outside-the-box challenge to make a steel case frame by sheet metal processing.
We tackled the structuring of the frame by combining riveting and welding under our development concept, "to make a high-speed, compact, and light weight steel case frame with superior vibration resistance characteristics."
Because there was a significant synergistic effect from combining rivet structure and spot welding, we were able to manufacture a steel case frame with two advantages, superior vibration resistance and a flexible structure, thereby making it more robust.
This steel case frame was satisfying work, and achieved all our goals including "cost reduction," "weight reduction," "lead time reduction," and "flexibility in design modification." It required a continual process of a trial and error to complete, but I believe that our accumulated efforts have made it possible for us to release an excellent product which has market value.

Konsei Obayashi

Kotaro Nara
Managing Director