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The 30th Ceremony

The 30th Precision Sheet Metal Technology Fair award ceremony held at Amada FORUM246 in Isehara city, Kanagawa Prefecture, March 3 2018.

The total number of entries were 268. And overseas participation of entries were of 104 from 15nations, record high number.

Also, as we celebrate the 30th edition of this milestone, we have added three new awards, “Kanagawa Prefectural Governor's Award,” “The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity President's Award” and “Overseas Best Award,” and further sheet-metal works. We made consideration to be able to evaluate the spread as features and products.

  • Ceremony

  • Party hall scenery

  • ”Precision Sheet Metal
    Technology Fair“ corner

After the commendation ceremony, participants moved to the hall of “Precision Sheet Metal Technology Fair”, the opening place of the fair. And then social meeting was held at the venue.

With exhibiting all the entered parts in the hall, sponsors and prizewinners greeted and communicated each other. And then the social meeting of the fair was closed with mild and harmony.

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