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The29th award

Sheet Metal Parts

Gold Award



Heat sink

●Material Type:AL5052

Mr. Ryuji Nachi,
Senior Managing Director

We are sincerely pleased with receiving the honorable Gold award to our work piece “Heat sink” from amongst other work pieces.

We have been performing our business through facing straightly with customer’s issue and wanting them to be pleased with our continuous technological study as well as to bring happiness to the staff and their family under the corporate philosophy of “Smile creation with mind and technology”.
I believe that the award is presented to the accumulation of these past result.

The hardest working point on the work piece is to create constant peaks and troughs with keeping angle and size without cracks on 0.3mm thickness aluminum. It is manageable to bend at a first glance however, many troubles occur on constant bending, where as we can manage to create the shape as work piece by overcoming them one by one through our long-studied technology and challenge to new processing method many times without giving up.

The completion of this work piece inspires me with “Impossible is a taboo word” of which the last grandfather often mentioned.
Impossible is based on the present technology however, every endeavor surely makes it possible. This is exactly what we experience from making this work piece.

We all our staff, shall strive for contributing the manufacturing in Japan upon receiving such a special award.
Thank you very much indeed.

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