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The29th award

The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Award

The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Award

Welding fabrication

Duerre Tubi Style Group Spa


F1 exhaust manifold

●Material Type:INCONEL ●Thickness:0.5mm

Mr. Enrico Ruini,
Managing Director

Duerre Tubi Style Group (DTS) produces automotive components and systems; the company is located in Maranello, “the heart of Italian Motor Valley”. The company’s products are the top of the range for supercars and extreme sports cars of all kinds. The DTS exhaust division designs develops and produces mufflers, exhaust manifolds, tailpipes and catalytic converters. All different components in DTS’ exhaust systems contribute to the creation of the truly distinctive Tubi Style sound, a symbol of unique quality that has set the benchmark for the international aftermarket sector.
The DTS fuel tanks division is the world leading manufacturer of aluminum fuel tanks modules and engine oil tanks for cars using a dry sump engine. In particular, DTS produces exhaust and fuel systems for the most prestigious sport and luxury cars OEM of in the world and many other important automotive manufacturers.

The “F1 exhaust manifold” is an example of the “Made in Italy” values. This item is a unique piece, realized almost entirely by hand. This is a hand-crafted production, impossible to industrialize. The challenge was to obtain perfect tubes starting from a flat sheet metal because 0,5 mm Inconel tubes are not available for sale. Hence, the sheet is obtained with laser cutting of flat sheet and then bended with cnc sheet metal bending and calenders. Finally, it is processed and welded manually by our high qualified operators.

We would like to express our honor, appreciation and pleasure to receive this prestigious “Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Award”, which is for us an important recognition of our boundless passion and care for our job.

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