Awards Winners

The26th award

Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Award

Minister of Health,Labour and Welfare Award

Welding fabrication

Miwa Industries Ltd.

Paper balloon

●Material Type:C1100P, C2801P, SUS304 ●Thickness:1.0mm

Mr.Yoshinobu Nemoto,
2nd Production Dept.

Mr.Takahiro Miwa,

Mr.Hiroshi Kondo,
1st Production Dept.

We are extremely pleased with receiving an honorable Health, Labor and Welfare Minister Award with surprise.

The biggest theme while creating the piece was how to draw the general public's attention at the fair. We had hoped to take the needs of other industries out with which we are not familiar in this opportunity, and designed for everyone would recognize. Of course an eye-catching design itself will not appeal our skills, so we decided to weld the defferent metals that possesses both elements.

We chose brass and copper as common and bright-colored materials, but the big warp on welding was problem since they both are soft and high thermal conductivity. It took us some time on welding the top and bottom surface like joining flush plate by piecemeal carefully and slowly as minimizing the heat affect as possible for fine finishing.

We found the welding compatibility and its reason by now since we have experienced welding in many other materials and we think that was our biggest accomplishment. We hope to develop new customers with pride and strive to grow and hone our skills.

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