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The23rd award

Student Participation

Gold Award

Tsu Advanced Vocational Technical Training School


●Processing Accuracy:±0.3mm
●Material Type:SUS304, C1201P, C2680P, Acrylic fiber ●Thickness:0.2〜3.0mm

Metal Craft Department
Representative of the students
and instructors

We were very surprised when we heard that our product won the Gold Award because we thought it would be difficult to win consecutively. We are very happy, and we are thankful that our product was highly evaluated.

We think the main factors for our winning the award are that we combined sheet metal processing and precision sheet metal processing with manual tools, and that we used a variety of materials in order to improve the design and strength.

The soccer ball (the lamp shade part) is made of hexagons and pentagons. Their bend angles look the same, but they are 4.4 degrees different. Also, the lamp shade is made of three sections, and slight angle error will result in difficulty in setback. These are the two difficult points.

Every year, I'm hoping that the students will learn the fun & excitement, and accomplishments of manufacturing through production. Now that we have earned the award 5 years in a row, we hope to promote excellence through continuing education.

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