●The 22nd award winners
Minister of Health,Labour and Welfare Award / Gold Award
Japan Vocational Ability Development Association Award / Gold Award
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Award / Gold Award
Formative Arts Fabrication / Gold Award
High-precision Small parts / Gold Award
Silver Award
Bronze Award
AMADA Award / AMADA Special Award
Technical Award
Technical Encouragement Award / Special Encouragement Award
 ●Student Participation
Gold Award
Silver Award /
Bronze Award
Judging Committee's Award /
Performance Award
Encouragement Award

Sheet Metal Working Parts

Kyoetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Classifier cover
●Material Type: SUS304
●Thickness: 1.2mm

We spent about a year to design this creative, functional product with good appearance. Though we were going to exhibit this cover along with a main unit, we eventually exhibited only the cover as it was incorporated with more technologies.
In forming this shape, we had difficulty connecting the circumference, which could not be bent by machines, to shape a smooth line. We reduced the number of welding spots as much as possible to prevent distortion, and made the product from a rational flat layout which did not seem like the product was made from a single sheet. We think that this product could win the prize since sheet metal technologies that we inherited from our predecessors were highly utilized.
We have made continuous study to win the Gold Prize, and we are delighted to receive not only the Gold Prize but also the Minister of Health Labour and Welfare Award which we had not expected. Thank you very much for giving us these prestigious awards in our first try.
Taking advantage of these prizes, we will pass on our skills merging analog and digital technologies, which are vital for our principal one-off products, to the next generation with confidence.

Left Mr. Yasuhiro Uemura President
Designed and fabricated by: Mr. Hidenori Kawakami