●The 19th award winners
Minister of Health,Labour and Welfare Award
Japan Vocational Ability Development Association Award
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Award
Sheet Metal Working Part
High-precision Small Part
Silver Award
Bronze Award
Judging Committee's Award
Technical Award
Technical Encouragement Award / Special Encouragement Award / Encouragement Award
 ●Student Participation
Gold Award
Silver Award / Bronze Award / Performance Award
Encouragement Award

Sheet Metal Working Part


Medical tray
●Demand Accuracy: ±0.1mm
●Material Type: SUS304
●Thickness: 1.0mm

We greatly reduced the cost of the tools for drawing the bottom of the medical tray and satisfied our customer in required quality, cost, and manufacturing speed. Urethane rubber tools were used in place of costly metal tools.
We think that the overall finish accuracy of weld corners and urethane tool-drawn bottom was evaluated as main reason for the gold award.
Encouraged by the gold award, we will strive further to refine on our production technology and contribute to the progress of the sheet metal industry.
Of the other exhibits, we are especially impressed with the high quality of entries made by students. We intend to transfer our traditional skills of making things to the young generation and develop the shop culture where earthy craftsmanship coexists with latest digitization. We will do our utmost for sheet metal fabrication with not only dexterous skills but also whole-hearted soul.

Reijiro Yokoe