●The 15th award winners
The Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Award
The Japan Vocational Ability Development Association Chairman Award
The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Award
Forming Fabrication/Amada Award
High Precision Small Part
Silver / Bronze / The AMADA Award
Technical Award
Special/Technical Encouragement Award



●Material Type:
SUS304 1/2H

Before we made our “butterfly”, we first though to “give full play to the features the butterfly has”. The butterfly often “opens the legs and closes the wings when it rests on a tree branch, for example”, and “closes the legs when it opens the wings and takes off from the tree branch”. We designed the artificial butterfly so that it would move the legs and wings together like a real butterfly does.
We selected the butterfly as art of work that is visually pleasing and familiar to people. This choice is believed to have worked to our advantage.
We are very glad and happy to have been awarded for two years in succession.
We intend to continue our challenge for fabricating very small parts by adopting and devising various ideas.

Technology Group
Mr.Kazuto Kita