By Process

By Process

AMADA provides machines, software, peripheral equipment and consumables necessary for each process in sheet metal processing. By analyzing our customers' issues from the viewpoint of the manufacturing process, we are better able to offer the best solutions.

Process flow

Order receipt and processing

Programming CAD/CAM

Prepare product data or drawings for orders received as machine programming data. Transmit the data to processing machines by in-house LAN.

Material setup

Stock the metal sheets used as raw materials by each type.

Cutting process

Cut materials to the appropriate sizes for processing.

Blanking process

Cut materials into component shapes based on drawings.

Secondary operation

Remove burrs left by the cutting and blanking processing, and cut threads.

Bending process

Bend materials into component shapes based on drawings.
The most difficult step. Accurate processing affected by material characteristics and other factors.

Welding / assembly process

Weld and assemble completed parts into products.

Inspection and shipment

Production control/ Production control support system

Support machine operations and control production. Increase machine utilization rates and provide support for entire plant.

Environment related products

Eliminate airborne dust in the plant and maintain a clean plant environment.

*For Japan domestic market.
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