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Production control/ Production control support system

WILL Series

[Order-Shipment module + M]

Converts on-site needs relating to production control into a single package solution. Gives you command over order receipt and order placement, inventory, process completion, delivery dates and shipments, and the printing of sales orders, packing lists, invoices and operating instructions. Enables linkage with automated processes. Creates an easy-to-understand system configuration based on work flow.

[Estimation module + LD]

Turn your sales quotation knowledge and experience into software. Create strategic estimates using your own cost and tact time criteria.

[Picture image module + S]

Blueprint control software that also takes component configuration into account. Makes practical operations possible, because you can apply the same hierarchies as your actual product configuration to register, search and recall blueprints and images.

APC21 Series

[Professional Edition]

「“We want to skillfully utilize our production management system to build a control system that's cutting edge.” The Professional Edition responds to such customer comments. Strengthen your three major functions of scheduling, completion by process and cost control, and achieve shortened delivery response times plus lower costs.

[Standard Edition]

From order receipt through inventory control, product control, production arrangements, the ordering of materials, purchase goods and subcontract production and completion by process to shipment and sales, collectively control every process. Expand to the Professional Edition as your cost control and scheduling functions increase in the future.

[Filing system]

Makes it simple to use a digital camera or scanner to download drawings, then record and retrieve drawings easily.

*For Japan domestic market.
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