Sheet Metal Processing


SheetWorks for Unfold

3D solid sheet-metal CAD

Achieve an efficient three-dimensional sheet metal processing system to receive all your three-dimensional design CAD data. Information for shaping attributes and bending attributes is written automatically onto development diagrams created by SheetWorks for Unfold, enabling designs to be linked seamless to the CAM process.



“Prevent defects, shorten time.” Create development diagrams correctly and without errors, with procedures that mimic manual operation, in a minimum amount of time. AP100 is the epoch-making automatic programming system for network support with built-in data management capabilities. Choose the software that's appropriate for your industry or product characteristics from AMADA's ample software library.



Enables sheet metal processing machines from any manufacturer to achieve even smoother processing, with support for a broad range of CAM functions including plasma and gas fusion machines.


Automatic blanking data programming system

Retrieve graphic data, then simply set the number of workers and material information. From then on, the creation of your process data is fully automated. Shorten time and maximize your blanking process (punching, laser, and punching-laser combinations) productivity and operating rates.


Automatic bending data programming system

Achieve offline setup of bending data programming. This software package utilizes simulated solid forms based on bending attribute information plus the development diagram data to prepare bending data. Also helps reduce test time, by making it possible to create accurate virtual prototypes using computer graphics.


CAM for Bending Robot

Automated programming system for the ASTRO bending robot, which enables robot operations to be prepared automatically as well. Helps reduce initial site setup, and contributes to significant improvements in machine utilization rates.


YAG laser welding process data programming system

Reduces your setup and boosts operating time, because mental development work is reduced by using 3D images, and processing simulations and processing studies can be performed on a display monitor.


CAD/CAM for pipe index devices

CAD/CAM system featuring CAD software for 3D modeling and creation of 2D development diagrams for pipe shapes, plus CAM software for preparing data for processing using laser machines (CAD software required SheetWorks for Unfold).


Nesting software

Prepare high yield rate sheet data automatically, using the latest blank layout logic. Can also prepare data for different models depending on the target function.

*For Japan domestic market.
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